Senin, 08 Juli 2013

Cerita Optimis Buat Anda

People may say there is a storm in December or December December delicious gray or other ga. But to me it is the same every month.Cerita Optimis I've learned my lesson mood mengkait associated with the names of the months. Remember the times I've tried going out first quasi-romantic poetry behalf of December.

Gray December has come
Without you it all went dark
Of wind
Black clouds gathered
Lightning darting
Rained everyday ...

Declamation it then I can never finish because he was cut off, "the poem what the weather forecast, mas ...? # Pekok ..."

Whatever the month, drinking anything that's in the kitchen. I do not want to bother anymore thinking about the names of the months. Which sometimes interfere with meaning December is the Javanese word "big-gedene sources" aka a lot of rain. Sad too far from home when the weather is a lot like today's ademnya. Different again if fit at home, there is a problem with the moon only when his wife came in alone. This same inverse dizziness ibue that even if until late month. "Dah enough not to add anymore, cape ngurusnya naughty-naughty son all ..."

Faces early incoming friends of mine also changed shape last week yesterday. Forest people have a fixed schedule in the early weeks to get down to the city. I say the heck just want to take a salary at the ATM and send home. But I hear all the way to the city, which is rarely discussed his son. Average busy arguing with a friend about one car a restaurant or a nice massage place. If it were so I often just can "ndlohom" because my salary directly into account and wives need time to enter my allowance account.

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